Caring made a little easier

EEVA is a telephone reminder and check-in service that helps your loved ones stay connected and independent at home

We are EEVA

We believe in making caregiving a little easier and less stressful for our caregivers

Reminders and check-ins delivered through your phone

Each time they need a reminder or check-in, EEVA will give them a call
Schedule as many reminders as you need
They will receive as many reminders as they need through out the day, 24/7
Receive alerts
If your loved one doesn't pick up the phone, we will notify you through text, phone call or an email
Give your reminders a personal touch
Choose from our pre-set messages e.g. "Remember to take you medication now" or
or record a message yourself

Shape our journey

We are committed to creating simple and easy to use tools that carers need to support caregiving

Help shape our journey by taking part in our research and joining the community


Get started with EEVA

It takes 3 easy steps


Get in touch
Complete the form on our website and get in touch with us. Our care team will get back to you.


Create your reminders
On the call, our care team will help you build your reminders and check-ins for your loved one


You are all set up!
Once you are happy, EEVA will begin your reminders. You can make changes any time


EEVA gives me the peace of mind that I need. I feel better that my mother is now reminded to take her medication every day without fail.
Jane, EEVA customer

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