We are EEVA

Our mission is to make caregiving a little easier and less stressful for every caregiver across the world

Who is a caregiver? Someone who takes care of a another person, who wouldn't be able to look after themselves.

Some of us may feel "caregiver" is not the right word ("I mean, I am just looking after my wife/husband/son/etc"). Some of us may even hate the term "caregiver" or "carer".

But as someone who cares for someone else, caregivers find themselves doing things they have never done before, with no pay and no recognition by a system that does little to support them.


It's hard and stressful.

Being a caregiver is one of the hardest things you will ever do

We believe in giving caregivers a voice

"Am I doing this right?" , is a question most caregivers ask themselves, everyday. From managing doctor's appointments and medication scheduling to daily hygiene and using medical equipment. As a new carer, these new experiences can be overwhelming

At EEVA, we believe in making caregiving a little easier and less stressful for our caregivers. We are doing this by building simple and affordable tools that they can use everyday day to support the care of their loved ones.

Caregivers are the reason we do, what we do, from sharing our mission to building our tools and services. We believe in giving them a voice.

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